motley wheel pillow

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the pleasure to test Nicole's (mama love quilts) newest pdf pattern called Motley Wheel - a mini 20" color wheel.

Turns out, it's quite tricky for me to get this rainbow-y color gradation right. But, instead of worrying about my imperfect rainbow I decided to just go with the flow and pretend like the original intent was to make a happy, bright patchwork which I then turned into a pillow. I'm pretty sure one of my nieces will happily take it off my hands :).

I love how each and every spoke of the wheel is exactly the same size and the seams match up beautifully - thanks to Nicole's super detailed instructions and paper piecing templates.

I quilted my pillow top with straight lines ...

... and used this adorable scooter print for the back (once again I went with my trusty hidden zipper back - tutorial here).

My Motley Wheel pillow finished at 20" square and I highly recommend you give this pattern a try. I think it might even be a good way to introduce yourself to paper piecing as Nicole gives super clear instructions with tons of pictures to help along.

So, what do you say? Would you like to make a Motley Wheel of your own? If so, you can buy Nicole's pattern here. Also, I hope you'll pop over to Nicole's blog Mama Love Quilts to see other lovely versions of this pattern.

Thanks for reading friends. Hope you all are staying warm and super cozy these days (our temperatures dropped to -30 degrees today, brrr). Svetlana