chubby pouch

Yes, I made yet another pouch :). I simply can't help it these days. This pouch has been on my to do list for ages and I'm glad I finally found time to make it (pattern from Ayumi's book Patchwork, please!).

This is my second pouch using Ayumi's pattern for Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch. I made this pouch for my partner in Sewing Room Swap ages ago and I loved how gorgeously cute and chubby it turned out so I knew it was just the matter of time before I made one for myself.

Now, this is not one of those super quick instant gratification projects, this pouch took some time to sew together, especially the front and back patchwork. All that work, however, is totally worth is, even the hand sewn lining. 

I must admit, hand sewing anything when it comes to making pouches is not my favorite, but this was the best way to make the lining fit the pouch nicely - I used home decor weight fabric for the lining since I wanted the whole pouch to be sturdy and hold the shape on its own.

I think it turned out really cute and can't wait to fill it up with lots of odds and ends.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Svetlana