super tote

Last night I finished this Super Tote for a friend of mine.

I love the shape of this tote and how roomy it is. I think it will make a really nice summer bag for my friend who has four small kids and is constantly on the go.

I used Anna's pattern which you can buy here. And, just like all the other patterns and tutorials Anna writes, this one is superbly written and easy to follow. Just make sure you read ALL the directions, even the ones on interfacing. It will make the whole process go a lot more smoothly (speaking from experience here :)).

Zipper closure is always such a plus, I love bags that can be closed securely.

This tote has a nice large front pocket - I installed a magnetic snap closure to keep things from falling out.

There's also a giant pocket on the inside. I think it will be great to keep water bottles from tipping over inside the bag.

Now, this is not a quick, two hours and you're done bag. No, no! It takes time, and patience. But is totally worth all the extra effort and I would highly recommend you give it a go. I'm pretty sure I'll be making one for myself soon. I'd like to use solid linen for mine, something like the one Anna made a while back. My to do list seems to be getting bigger every day :)