Monday, June 23, 2014


It's been a while since I've done any sort of improv piecing, I almost forgot how fun and freeing it can be.

So, I pulled out some scraps over the weekend and got cutting, and sewing, and pressing...

...and sewing some more while making quite a mess all around me - improv sewing is a very messy business :)

Now I have five quite different blocks and no exact plan on what to do with them. Any ideas?

I also made two blocks (using this wonderful tutorial) for Aneela's quilt.

And, I made one star block for Marika who's making three quilts for three special little girls (you can read more about their tragic loss here). I'm planning on making at least two more blocks for these sweet little girls just as soon as I decide on the pattern.

By the way, both Marika and Chelsey are still accepting more blocks if you'd like to help.

Hope you all have a very lovely day. Svetlana


  1. Totally love you blocks! One day I'll give that a try too!

  2. Pretty blocks S! And for great causes too! Jxo

  3. Great blocks will have to try this myself one day

  4. I hope we'll see you at NMQG with your blocks on Thursday!

  5. Ano, někdy je super jen tak vypnout a šít různé bloky, aniž bys měla konkrétní cíl :) Máš je moc krásné!! Využití určitě najdeš, třeba další polštář? :)
    Papa, Jola

  6. Svetlana, these blocks are just so incredibly happy and sweet. I love them!!

  7. I had no idea about Aneela. It is very sad, especially because she is a mother. My heart goes out to her and her family. That is so nice of you to make all those blocks.


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