divided basket

My mom is the most creative person I have ever known. She's been into all kinds of crafts over the years but lately it's all about crochet. And, to my horror, she uses a plain old plastic bag to hold her wips !!!

I decided it was time to dump the plastic bag and made my mom a divided basket (pattern here) to keep her crochet in. I even adjusted the pocket and made a few extra skinny slots for crochet hooks or needles.

Look, here are a few of the newest toys my mom made for my kids. Aren't they the sweetest? You can see more of her crochet gorgeousness here.

I used beautifully soft gray corduroy for the base of the basket, pocket fabric is by Juliana Horner. I simply adore this shade of blue. I think it plays with gray and yellow quite well, too.

Two of my absolute favorite features are the handles (fabric wraps around the webbing) and the divider of course. Anna is such a sewing genius. I seem to be repeating myself when I talk about her patterns but they really are so flawlessly written and easy to follow. I would very highly recommend you give this basket, or any other of her patterns, a try.

Thanks for stopping by. Svetlana