not quite as planned

With only two weeks of school left before summer break is here I decided it was time to make a large tote bag. The plan was to make it big enough to fit our towels as well as a few snacks and other necessities so I don't have to carry a gazillion bags all summer long.

I pulled out white, black, blue, green, pink and a few red and yellow scraps and made these two 27" x 21" panels. I then quilted the panels, made a lining with tons of pockets and all, and right before adding handles to my tote I realized it looked like a giant quilted pillow with handles :( I could not even bring myself to take a picture of the whole contraption.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what I did next, right? Yep, I have a new pillow to show you :)

I ripped out the tote and turned it into a double sided pillow. This is side A.

And side B. I installed invisible zipper so none of the patchwork would be lost.

So yes, I have a new pillow but no tote bag. I will definitely have to get back to that later. Also, I have a few strips of patchwork left and I'm thinking of piecing them together to make some coasters maybe. We'll see :)

Talk to you soon. Svetlana