one of those days ...

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, those very annoying days when you have time to sew, and you so looked forward to it, and get all excited, and then can't decide WHAT exactly you want to work on. And you change your mind, and jump from one project to another, and couple of hours go by and you have nothing to show for all that wasted time. Yes, that kind of a day :(

So, after much thinking, sewing, ripping, and re-sewing again I ended up with a simple courthouse steps pouch. (which I actually like so I can't complain much)

I combined one of my very favorite Suzuko Koseki fabric (that red color is amazing) with some gray scraps to make courthouse steps blocks which I outlined with some hand stitching.

I then added more Suzuko Koseki, this time text print, for the lining and the matching red zipper. I thought about adding a gray zipper, but that would have made the pouch too busy looking.

My most favorite part, though, is this little pincushion zipper pull. Isn't it such a fun little feature? I got the inspiration from Nova's amazing sewing set I pinned long time ago.

All in all, definitely not the most productive, but still kind of ok sewing day. You know, one of those days :)

Hope today will be better and I will actually work on things that need to be done. Svetlana