Wednesday, March 19, 2014

an apple a day

keeps the crazies away :) 

At least this one did. Isn't this the sweetest, most adorable pincushion ever? When I woke up yesterday morning I knew I had to make one of these cuties before the sun came down or else...

So I did. I bought this pattern a while back so it was just the matter of locating it, and finding the right colored felt and a few pretty, bright scraps and I was good to go.

Now it's back to things that need to be done, plus a huge pile of laundry.

Hope your day is happy and bright. Svetlana


  1. Cute apple pincushion!! Have a great day, we always need something to break up doing laundry and other housework!!

  2. Love this apple pincushion and bought the pattern from you today!

  3. So adorable! I love that red fabric you used.

  4. This would be a lovely teacher's present. I love how you just go completely with your creative urges! Jxo

  5. Svetlanko, techto drobnosti v sicim koutku nikdy neni dost, vid? Jablicka jsou nadherna! Az skoda do nich pichat spendliky :)
    Mej krasne dny, pa, Jola

  6. Look at you and your focused sewing for the day! A total winner :)


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