value zig zag

Hello, happy Tuesday to you all!

I started a new scrappy quilt over the weekend. I've wanted to give Katie's value quilt a try for such a long time. Really, every time I make a list of quilts I'd like to make her value zig zag is among the first ones I write down.

I'm using 5" squares to make these blocks and I love how easy and effortless they are. And then it's time to trim and there's absolutely nothing easy and effortless about that :(  Trimming the blocks is such a tedious task, but the result is a perfectly square quilt so I make myself do it.

I've been trimming my blocks while watching TV, going pretty slow, giving my fingers and wrists plenty of breaks.

So far I have about 150 blocks all sewn and trimmed - I'm about half way there as I'd like this quilt to finish at 72" x 72", my favorite size right now. It's perfect for my little peeps' snuggling.

I'm curious, do you have a "bucket" list of quilts you'd like to make? Do tell.


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