social tote

Hello friends, are you having a nice Saturday? I hope so. Mine is off to a really great start - I spent the whole morning working on Carolyn Friedlander and Anna Graham's Social Tote.

What a fun project, I must say. This was definitely not the easiest tote to make, my brain still slightly hurts from all that thinking :), but so well worth all the extra effort.

And this Anna Maria Horner fabric plays so very nicely with some Architexture and Sketch, don't you think? I do really like this slightly unexpected fabric combination.

As I said, this was not an easy tote to make. Those dividers were tricky and I had to re-read the instructions quite a few times. The only problem I encountered was that one of the parts (large divider side) seemed to be about 2"-3" shorter than needed. I have no idea if that was me or the pattern and after much fiddling and not knowing where I went wrong I simply cut the part 3" longer and the crisis was averted, phew!!!

Now I'm definitely ready to tote my sewing project around the house in style :)

Wishing you all a very lovely rest of the weekend. Svetlana