Thursday, February 6, 2014

patchwork trivet {a tutorial}

A while back I had a plan for a new improvish sort of quilt. I made one block and stalled, not knowing which direction to go.

And then I came across Michelle's lovely patchwork coasters which gave me an idea. I decided to scrap the quilt idea and turn this lonely block into a trivet. I know, it does sound strange to start with an idea for a quilt and end up with a trivet, but at least I'm not stuck with yet another orphan block :)

I couldn't even believe how quickly I was able to turn into something useful as well as pretty. Now, in case you'd like to turn some of your orphan blocks into trivets (or coasters if your blocks are smaller), here's how to:


My block was about 14" x 14" in size and the trivet finished at 11.5" in diameter. You can, however use different sized block of patchwork.

Baste two layers of Insulbright to the wrong side of your patchwork and quilt any way you like.

Find a round object the size you'd like your trivet to be (I used a pretty large lid) and trace around it.

Stitch very close to the inside of the traced line to insure your quilting stitches will be secure once the circle shape is cut out. Use scissors to cut along the traced line.

Cut out the same size of a circle from your backing fabric (I used home decor weight fabric to make it more sturdy). Place on top of each other, right sides together and pin or clip to hold securely together.

Using 1/4" seam allowance, stitch all the way around the circle leaving about 4" opening for turning the trivet right side out.

Clip little notches all the way around the trivet's perimeter, press the seam open.

Turn the trivet right side out through the hole, smooth out the seam with your fingers from the inside, press, and pin (or clip) the opening closed.

Stitch all the way around (using 1/8" seam allowance). Give it one more good press and you're all done.

Any questions? Let me know. 



  1. Great idea, great tutorial, and fabulous trivet!

  2. That's a really great idea, Svetlana! And also, that's how I did "binding" on all my first few quilting projects when I learned to sew. It works and is perfect for this project!

  3. I have been turning mini quilts into trivets lately too but I did not think to make a round one. It is lovely and I now want to make a round one too.

  4. Looks really nice, must have one or two too :)

  5. Love the circular shape - thanks for the tute :)

  6. Nice and easy. I like this project and what the result looks like. Well done and thanks for the tut. Eva

  7. Perfect use for it, such bright, cheery colours!

  8. Oh you are the Queen of repurposing orphan blocks! This would make a wonderful gift too! Jxo

  9. What a lovely colourful addition to your worktop. Thank you for sharing Sarah xo

  10. Svetlanko, musim se smat, ale i to se stane. Nez mit v krabici blok, se kterym nevis jak nalozit... vymyslela jsi to moc krasne a prakticky :) Dekuji za pekny navod!
    Pa a krasny vikend! Jola

  11. Like that mat for cook wear! I have that pan too but in yellow!


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