tiny trees bunting {a tutorial}

A while back I came across this adorable bunting and I knew right away I had to make something similar this Christmas season. I decided to ignore piles and piles of laundry plus other gazillion things I needed to do last night and whipped up this little bunting.

I love how wonderfully whimsical this little bunting is. So perfectly perfect, just the way I imagined it would be.

This was our dining room table last night. For a few tiny little trees on a string I managed to make quite a mess, I must admit :) It was all well worth is, though.

Would you like to make a sweet little tree bunting of your own? I put this quick tutorial together, hope it will come in handy.  


For each tree you will need two 2.5" x 3" rectangles of fabric, 1.5" ribbon for the trunk, and a bit of polyester fiberfill.

First cut your main triangle shapes by placing your fabric rectangles on top of each other on the cutting mat and finding the middle of the top 2.5" side. Put a little mark there and cut along both sides as shown in the picture. Triangle in the middle is your tree body. 

Place both your triangles right sides together and stitch all the way around, leaving about 1" opening on the bottom for turning. (See the two purple marks? that's where the opening is)

Press, trim the corners, turn right side out through the hole in the bottom, push all the corners out to make them nice and pointy (I used crochet hook to help with this step), and stuff with fiberfill.

Fold the ribbon in half and insert inside the opening. Make sure your "trunk" is straight, pin in place and stitch the opening closed.

Easy peasy, wasn't it? Once you make as many trees as you like ( I made 7 for my bunting) attach them to bakers twine using tiny stitches, placing your trees about 3" apart from each other.

 All you need to do now is find a perfect place for your new bunting, put your feet up and admire :)

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for stopping by. Svetlana