Friday, December 13, 2013

chopped vegetables {a pillow}

If you've been following my blog for a while you know I love making pillows. They usually don't take too long to make and provide a great opportunity to try some new patterns and techniques.

Last night I decided to give Elizabeth's "chopped vegetables" a try.

I ended up improvising and making things up as I went because I didn't really have the actual pattern for the pillow, but I had instructions for a similar quilt and it seemed to work pretty well. Next time, though, I'm going to make my "vegetables" a little wider.

I decided to finish this pillow off with the same fun button closure as I did on my latest hexie pillow. It does take a little bit extra time, but I think it's totally well worth all the effort.

I might need to restock on my polka dotty buttons soon. They are such perfectly perfect size and shape for the pillows.

Now I just need to finish one quilt and two more pillows and all my Christmas presents will be ready, yay! How is your Christmas sewing going?

Have a lovely evening, everyone. Svetlana


  1. I'm totally in love with your pillows!
    I am newer to the quilting world and I have yet to make a pillow but I really would love to make a few for our family room!! Would you be willing to explain a little how this back closer is done or maybe you know of a helpful tutorial online somewhere? Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work! I really enjoy your blog, I'm a follower via bloglovin!!

  2. Oh! loving this pillow. So cute. Love the way you finished the back!

  3. I get so inspired by your pillows. I have three pillows to make covers for but by the pillow and don't do the cover. Must get on with it!!

  4. This is absolutely amazing! Simple and beautiful! :-)

  5. This is just darling! And my Christmas sewing is going slow but sure. Still hopeful. ;-)

  6. What a pretty pillow! Is this one a gift? I am making the potluck pillow from Crazy Mom Quilts right now. How do you finish a pillow in one night? I worked for three hours and still don't have the entire front pieced!!!

  7. this is so cute! I love those polka dot buttons too. My Christmas sewing is coming along :) slowly.

  8. Love your veggies, and such a cute closure idea

  9. Dalsi uzasny polstar, Svetlanko! :) To budou krasne pohodlne Vanoce na tom vasem gauci :) Ja mam na seznamu dva polstarky, doufam, ze zvladnu udelat aspon topy. Priznam se, ze me ted zase pohltila vlna a jehlice a hacek. Nejak s tou zimou je to prirozenejsi :)
    Preju ti krasny vikend! Pa, Jola

  10. I love your pillow! I've been hosting a Cushion for Christmas blog hop the past two weeks and the linky is now open :) Feel free to share!

  11. Your pillow looks great! Have to try the closure, too.
    No christmas sewing over here due to some reasons (for example no handmade gifts this year). But I'm fine with that.


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