Hello, how is everyone doing? What have you been up to lately?

I've been paper piecing a little since our deadline for chicken sew-p blocks is coming dangerously close and I still have more than half the blocks to make.

I used Charise's free pattern to make this sewing machine block for  Karen. I've adjusted the block a little and made an easier version of  a spool of thread. No, it was not supposed to be so wonky, but things happen and I'm trying to ignore it for now :)

I also decided to tackle a block for Susi. We are supposed to make blocks featuring our favorite childhood cereal or a cereal toy, but I grew up in a country with no breakfast cereal so this proved to be a tricky business for sure.

After much thinking and Pinterest browsing, I decided to make Tony the Tiger. I even went as far as drafting my own paper piecing pattern. It was way harder than I thought (mostly because I have no drawing skills on the computer). I quite like the finished block, though and that's what counts.

I love the amazing things you can do when paper piecing, but my brain still hurts from all that thinking and figuring out which part goes where, and mirror images, and tiny stitches that are so difficult to rip out.

So, I'm thinking of changing gears and doing some epp hexagons tonight. They are such a wonderful "non-thinky" project. Just what my brain needs.

Talk to you soon. Svetlana