penny patch {my color inspiration}

Hello, happy Monday to you all.

How was your weekend? Hope you got to enjoy some down time and take things easy. I had the most wonderful quilty kind of a weekend as I worked on my Autumn Penny Patch quilt.

I am smitten, I must say. I had no idea when getting my fabric together for this quilt that I would love it so very much. 

I pulled all these fabrics from my stash but I knew there was a lot of editing still going to happen. I always work like that. I cut and sew, deciding which fabric to add or eliminate, as I go. It makes for a less efficient process, but I don't end up with tons of cut up fabric that I don't like in a particular quilt this way :)

As I stared at my design wall (which is right next to the giant window facing our backyard) and all those happy pretty blocks, it suddenly hit me. I am making a quilt in autumn colors!!! 

This is definitely a first for me. Up until know each and every of my attempts to bring autumn into my sewing resulted in unpleasantly brown, sad, and musty looking projects :(

See, this is the view from my window. Glorious, isn't it? And my subconscious mind knew it and made me choose fabrics to replicate this beauty in my Penny Patch quilt.

By the way, the amazingly wonderful Rachel has a Penny Patch quilt along going on now. It's not too late to join and her free pattern is easy to follow with tons of possibilities. I hope you'll get in on the fun.