making pretties ...

The weather has been downright depressing in the last couple of days - dark, rainy, windy, no sun in sight. So, I decided to brighten things up by making a few pretties. Want to see?

These fabric stamps are based on the ones in Zakka Handmades book ( Amy also has a quick tutorial here).

Pretty, aren't they? I'm planning on making more stamps and using them to make some postcard pouches. Maybe something like this.

I also made quite a few fabric covered buttons. These guys are so addictive :)

And then, so I wouldn't feel like I made all these buttons for nothing, I made this pouch (again, this project is from Zakka handmades book). I think the button adds just the right finishing touch to this crochet + fabric combo pouch.

I even went as far as organizing all these buttons, stamps, plus many other odds and ends that I can never find when I need them.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Svetlana

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