at last ...

I reached a "crafty milestone" of sorts this week. I no longer have to clench my jaws, hold my breath, and strain my eyes to the point of getting a headache when cross stitching. Very dramatic, I know :) Not anymore, though. I'm finally able to relax and enjoy the process, yay!

I headed straight to Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery website and ordered Winter Wonderland Sampler pattern. Have you seen their patterns. They are absolutely the cutest I have seen around.

I decided to start small and cross stitched this adorably sweet snowman which I turned into a Christmas ornament. Fun, isn't it? Can't wait to put this little guy on our Christmas tree.

And then I made myself a new needle book. I figured since I'm planning on doing a lot more of cross stitch, a cross stitched needle book was totally a must :)

I'm thinking these little cross stitched blocks would be a perfect addition to pouches and bags, but on that some other time.
Off I go now. My youngest son's birthday party is starting in 30 minutes. Wish me luck. Trying to keep eight second grade boys entertained for two whole hours is definitely a first for us :)
Have a lovely rest of the day. Svetlana