Thursday, October 24, 2013


Meet Nellie, my friends.

Isn't she the sweetest? Nellie the Skellie arrived at our house a few days ago all the way from Canada (you can order yours here).

This was her last night, before all the cutting, and sewing, and stuffing happened. I'm not sure whether to make the pumpkin dress or not. Truth is, as much as I like the finished Nellie, I did not particularly enjoy making her. It seems toy making is not in my genes. Also, we still can't agree on whether she is a boy or a girl??? Considering we named her Nellie, it's pretty safe to say she'll stay being a girl :)

Nellie has a big job ahead of her. You see, thanks to my lack of enthusiasm for all things Halloween, she and these two pumpkins are our only Halloween decorations. We'll have plenty of candy, though. Which is definitely a step up from one Halloween night a few years back, when my children were little and I was sleep deprived all the time, and I forgot to buy candy and had to give granola bars to our trick-or-treaters.

Do you have any fun Halloween story? I'd love to hear it. Svetlana

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  1. Hee hee, love her name, so cute! Granola bars though, surprised you weren't tp'ed ;o)

  2. She turned out so cute, but that's not surprising since she's got "good bones." Ha ha.

    Granola bars, uh oh! I would have appreciated that though. I always like the pencils, pirates booty or Rice Krispie treat instead of pure candy.

  3. Nellie is too cute! I had a wonderful great Aunt Nellie. One of my vintage machines is Miss Luella after one great aunt. And another is Miss Nellie!

  4. Okay. Your name has inspired me...and I simply must make up a Nellie Skelly of my own. We have accumulated a few, anthropomorphized Halloween decorations around here and they are named Boo-cephus and Tito.

  5. Ha, ted jsi mne rozesmala!!! Nellie je proste kouzelna!
    Krasny vikend, Svetlanko :)

  6. So cute!! I want to see the dress on her. ;)

    I know what you mean about loving a finished project but not loving the process!

  7. Nellie is super cute! I have no decoration out for Halloween. It is not celebrated as much here in Europe.
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. Nellie is cute! I like her :) This year we did not put up a single decoration. 4 out of 6 of us were down with the stomach flu. We faked our way through it the best we could.


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