back to school sewing

Yesterday was hot and muggy, a perfect day to stay indoors and get some sewing done, so that's just what I did. And since my kids' school starts in exactly two weeks, I decided some back to school sewing was totally in order.

My son chose a stack of fabrics he liked and I added a few scraps from my scrap basket and made this patchwork pencil pouch for him. I questioned my decision to go scrappy for a boy pouch, but I think it worked out really well in the end and we both love the way it turned out.

I even got away with adding a fun little tag on the side,

and another don't let the pigeon drive the bus tag on the back. Who says sewing for boys is boring?

Once the pouch was finished, examined, and approved of, I decided to dive into a second project on my imaginary to do list - a lunch bag for my middle daughter.

I used Amy's fantastic pattern from her book Zakka Handmades, and I think all these pretty fabrics make for one very sweet lunch bag - those little kitties are beyond adorable.

I was really surprised at how quickly it came together. Good thing too, since I still need to make another one for my oldest daughter.

That reminds me, off I go, more sewing to be done.

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