Monday, July 8, 2013

voile {times two}

Hello, happy Sunday to you all.

I have this small stash of AMH voile fabric that I love to pet and admire, but I did not seem to know what to do with it. So, I decided to cut into my lovelies this afternoon and make myself a voile scarf. It's big, and sort of chunky, and oh so very colorful - just the way I like it.

A big Thank you!! goes to my daughter who actually willingly modeled the scarf for me.

I cut all the voile 17.5" wide and decided to go with different lengths of each piece (anywhere from 12" to 24") so the scarf would have a nice patchworky look.

I made two 17.5" x 70" patchwork rectangles, joining all pieces with french seams. I know it was not really necessary as all the seams are hidden inside, I just felt like that might make them more durable.

I then placed both rectangles right sides together, pinned like crazy, and sewed all the way around, leaving about 4" opening for turning. I turned the scarf right side out, pressed, and slip stitched the opening closed. 

I love how quickly this scarf came together, the only problem is it's 90 degrees outside and very humid, so this pretty has to be stored in the back of my closet for a few months. At least I'll be ready when winter comes :)

Once I finished admiring my new colorful scarf, I decided one more small project was totally in order. Ta- daaaa!

Isn't this mason jar pincushion fun? And I can totally start using it right away, no waiting till winter comes. I loosely followed this tutorial to make it. 

Now that I took a little voile detour, I'm ready to get back to my Swoon and Pinkie Pie quilts.

Thanks so much for reading. Svetlana


  1. It is beautiful! I just finished using voile for the very first time myself -- put the finishing touches on a voile-backed and -bound quilt this afternoon. It is HEAVEN to hand sew. I have decided to bind all future quilts in voile. ;-)

  2. What fun BOTH of your projects are! Both useful in totally different ways.

  3. Pretty scarf, I love how that voile feels as well.

  4. What a happy fun scarf! You will be glad to have such a useful, bright scarf when it gets cold out. I love the pincushion too, that pink voile with the blue jar is very pretty :)

  5. Svetlanko, usila sis nadhernou paradu! Je to super napad, jak take upotrebit latky! A jehelnicek... perfektni!

    Co se tyce quiltu, tak na ten konikovy jsem opravdu zvedava. Posledne jsem zkoumala, jestli jsem si spravne tipla a Rozarka mi koukala pres rameno... to vis, My Little Pony frci i u nas doma :)

    Mej se krasne! Pa, Jola

  6. That is a seriously pretty scarf!

  7. Your new scarf is very pretty! It's almost a shame it's not fall already so you can wear it. How nice of your daughter to model it!

  8. Love the scarf - shame you have to wait for cooler weather. And the mason jar - such a clever idea. I have one sitting next to my sewing machine, just waiting to be made into a pin cushion!

  9. Love the scarf! I just got a rainbow stack of AMH voile, but I suspect they won't all make it into a quilt, so I might have to remember this!

  10. beautiful scarf, love the colors. I know what you mean about the voile. i bought some recently along with a pattern for an infinity scarf.

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