triangle patchwork box pouch

I've been eying Ayumi's triangle patchwork box pouch from her fantastic book Patchwork, please! for ages now and last night I finally decided to give it a go.

I spent way too much time digging through my scraps as well as my very precious text fabrics and decided to make a sort of subtle, low volume main panel which I paired with some wonderfully saturated Nordika prints. 

This pouch was a little tricky because of its boxy shape and the lining had to be hand-sewn in, but Ayumi gave such amazingly detailed instructions that the whole process went without any major hiccups. Oh, I did, at one point, cut the zipper too short and had to redo it, but that was only because I cut before I measured correctly, ooops. Lesson definitely learned.

I really like how sturdy, and roomy, and chunky looking this sweet pouch is. I might have to make another one in the near future as this one will probably go to live with my ~sewing room swap partner.