two grannies

Granny square block (tutorial here) is one of my very favorite blocks in quilting. I love how quickly it comes together and the potential for mix-and-matching fabric is simply fantastic. 

 See? Doesn't it look oh, so very lovely in both of these colorways? I know, I keep talking about using more saturated colors, but I could not help myself this time.

A while back I came across this image on Flickr and I knew I had to make similar pillow covers soon.

So, on Saturday I made this granny pillow cover using 3" squares framed with a 3" striped border. I even decided to miter my corners and I absolutely love the way it turned out.

I then quilted it in diagonal grid about 1" apart.

I used an invisible zipper to finish the pillow.

I couldn't make just one of these pillows, though. Once the blue one was finished, I decided to make a green one, too. Again, I used very similar fabric layout and even cut into my precious Suzuko Koseki striped fabric for the border.

 Both of these covers fit a 16" x 16" pillow form and are happily living in our bedroom now. They surely do brighten things up, and I'm all for that.

Hope you all have a very lovely week ahead of you. Svetlana