hexie pin cushion

I made this little 3/4" epp hexie pin cushion a while back and although I quite liked the way it turned out, especially the adorable little panda, I did not use it much. It is small and so very light and flimsy that every time I tried to take out the pin I would pick up the whole pin cushion. 

The other day, though, I had this idea of sticking it into a pretty porcelain jar. I figured if it could stay in, the jar would give it enough weight to make it nice and sturdy, and staying in place when I take the pins out. It worked!!!

I think it looks like a pretty cupcake (with floating sprinkles), doesn't it?

So, I was wondering. What do you use to fill your pin cushions with? I usually use fiberfill stuffing and while I like how soft it is, I think I need to go with something heavier next time.

Hope you all have a very lovely rest of the day. Svetlana