zakka ♥

I'm smitten with simple, sort of rustic and playful zakka projects these days. So, I had to try my hand at making some, of course. 

This adorable puffy rain cloud is 100% inspired by the one I found at fabrickaz + ideez. I drew my own pattern for the cloud and raindrops and I'm absolutely in love with the way it turned out. Who knew rain clouds could make one so happy?

Now, I couldn't stop there, could I? I also made a zakka inspired pot holder.

Again, I found many similar pot holders over at fabrickaz + ideez. I do love all the projects on that website, hope you'll stop by and have a look. 

 I like the subdued, low key colors I used, but what I like the best is the quilting. Doesn't it look fun? I'm thinking of adding another layer of batting between the two thermal layers to make it even more puffy next time.

Wishing you all a very lovely rest of the day. Thanks for stopping by. Svetlana