scrapper's delight {a finished quilt top}

I can hardly believe it, but last night I managed to finish this Scrapper's Delight quilt top (pattern from Sunday Morning Quits).

I started making this quilt for my son about two weeks ago but after getting these 8 - 12.5" blocks done I was stuck. I sort of liked how busy and crazy it was, and my son liked it too, yet there was something "not right" about it at the same time.

Here's where most of my dilemma came from. If I made all 36 blocks as planned, the finished quilt would finish at 72" square. I was not sure my seven year old son needed such a giant quilt. If, however, I decided to make one less row of blocks, the pattern would not match and I did not like that. So, it seemed I would either end up with a quilt that was too small (4 x 4 layout) or too big (6 x 6 layout).

And then it struck me. Why not make larger blocks (15.5" square), do a 4 x 4 layout, and end up with a 60" square quilt top?!?! So that's exactly what I did. And I like it :) 

I especially like the middle square sort of coming forward - a totally unintentional, but fun design element.

Festival of Strings

I'm linking this quilt up to Rachel's Festival of Strings. Hope you'll stop by to see all the beautiful stringy quilts already submitted.