more placemats

My quilting mojo seems to have left me for the moment :( I was sure I'd make quite a few Scrappy Delight blocks for my son's quilt over the weekend but I simply did not feel like it. Instead, I did some small project sewing and quilting. Nothing too fancy or complicated, though.

 I decided to cut into this lovely cheater print by Suzuko Koseki and make some placemats for our new dining room table.

 I've been thinking about my quilting and use of color for quite some time and one thing I'd really like to concentrate on is using deeper, saturated colors more. It doesn't come easy to me, I must say, so using this mustardy yellow for the binding was a small step in that direction. Plus, there's some BROWN in Suzuko's print. I'm learning to embrace brown, too.

Do you have certain go to colors? Or some you tend to avoid? Do tell.