drawstring bags

 The other day I made these drawstring bags thinking they'll be a good way to organize our ever growing "collection" of chargers and cables that keep getting either lost or tangled up constantly.

I must say, I so enjoyed this simple project and I had three of them whipped up in no time.

I even decided to label my bags with some handmade leather and cotton webbing labels, aren't they fun? I'm still deciding what the red polka dotty bag will hold so I'll print the label later.

I used leather cord for ties which meant a lot of saved time not having to make fabric ties. I'm smitten with this cotton/ leather combination. 

And, since all three of my children love these bags you know what I'll be making this weekend, right? Yep, they chose their fabric and I'm more than happy to oblige :)

I will post a free tutorial for these bags in the next few days so you can make some for yourselves, if you like.

Oh, before I go, have you heard? Sew, mama, sew! Giveaway Day is this Monday. Hope to see you then. (psst, one of these drawstring bags might be a part of my giveaway ☺)