drawstring bag + ipod case

Hello, how's everyone doing? It's been so very busy around here that I barely had any time to sew in the last few days. Totally feeling withdrawal symptoms coming on :) Must get some sewing done today!

I did, however, sew a teeny bit over the weekend. I made this drawstring bag and a matching ipod case for my middle daughter. They are encouraged to bring their smart devices to school on certain days which of course meant her ipod needed a new padded case, and the case needed a matching drawstring bag to go in. You know how these ideas take a life of their own, right?

My daughter chose the sheep fabric by Creative Thursday from their Locally Grown collection for the bag and inside of the pouch. I then added some Kona Pomegranate for contrast.

I used some scraps and linen for the exterior of the case. I like how pretty, simple, and calm it looks. I was tempted to do a lot more patchwork but since neither of my daughters are keen on patchwork,  this strip of pretties was all I could get away with.

I also stamped her name on the bag - you never know, someone else in the class might have a sheep drawstring bag, too :)

All in all, this was such a fun and quick project and we both love how it turned out.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Svetlana