marcelle medallion {finished quilt top}

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It's cold, and windy, and dark, and absolutely dreary outside, but I'm all happy and full of warm fuzzies inside because I finished my Marcelle Medallion quilt top.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to see it all finished. I spent a week being totally consumed with making it, and there were quite a few times along the way when I questioned why I possibly started such a complicated quilt and the fact that I agonized about each border and the fabric I chose did not help.

This process was full of firsts for me. I have never cut out and pieced so many small triangles or flying geese before and I was pretty scared that things would go horribly wrong. Fortunately I was extra careful about the seam allowance and it all worked out wonderfully.

I think it's such a happy looking quilt, just the way I like my quilts to be. And, I was able to use up tons of my scraps - always a bonus.

Finished size of this quilt top is about 58" square, a great size for snuggling. Now I just need to figure out the backing and how to quilt it. Any suggestions?

I used pattern by Alexia Marcelle Abegg from her book Liberty Love. If you'd like to read more about making this quilt top you can click here and here.

Also, if you're on Instagram, you can look-up #marcellemedallion to see other wonderful quilts made by incredibly talented peeps. I'm quite new to Instagram, but enjoying it very much so far. You can find me @sotakhandmade if interested.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you all have a very lovely day. Svetlana

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