vouloir, c'est pouvoir

Where there's a will, there's a way - that's the meaning of my title (I feel so very chic and  French just writing it).

No, I don't really speak French, I found this phrase online and thought it would be so fitting for the pillow I had in mind. I've been admiring Amber's applique pillows for a very, very long time and I decided to make one for my husband for Valentine's day (we're not really the pink heart type folks). 

He has been learning French for the last year or so and has become very good at it - so the words are  in French, plus whatever he sets his mind to doing he will get it done, no matter how hard it is or how long it might take him. Vouloir, c'est pouvoir is definitely very fitting.

This was my first time doing this kind of applique and free motion outlining it. It was a little nerve wrecking, and I was all tense while working on it, but the nature of this kind of "sketchy" outline turned out to be pretty forgiving.

I even had a map of Paris in my stash (oh, how I love a well stocked stash) and used it for the backing. I was planning on doing an invisible zipper as I've grown quite fond of them, but I had none on hand (not so well stocked when it comes to zippers), so I just turned to my trusty zipper enclosure.

This pillow cover fits a 16" x 16" pillow form. Wishing you all a very lovely weekend.