a touch of crochet

I've been admiring all those beautiful pillow cases with crochet trim for quite some time. I just love how pretty and romantic they look. So, I had to make me some the other day (well, I actually made only one so far, but I'm planning on making more).

I paired my all time favorite Bari J. fabric with this lovely green stripe by Michael Miller and got to work.

I sort of worked out my own way to make this burrito style pillow case. It took a little bit but I managed to figure out how to make french seams that are not peeking out.

I then used this tutorial to make a base for my crochet trim, and another tutorial for the trim itself. Both of these tutorials are fantastic and I will be using them again for sure. I'll just have to come up with a better way of making a base for the trim without so much struggle. I think my yarn was too thick to go through the fabric easily so there had to be a lot of tugging and pulling, plus really sore fingers, too.

I must say though, even with sore fingers, it was totally worth is. I do love how this pillow cover turned out, and, as I said, there's more of these in my future. I even ordered some adorably sweet fabric to make my next set extra girly.

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