small finishes

Somehow, there just was not much sewing action in the last couple of days. I've still been feeling sort of blah from that flu I got about 2 weeks ago and the fact that my kids are taking turns getting sick is definitely not helping.

I did, however, manage to finish the two throw pillows for my mom. This was definitely a push out of my comfort zone as the colors my mom chose are not "my" colors, at all. I like working with cool colors, they are my friends, I feel comfortable around them, but browns, reds, and oranges just don't do it for me. 

Well, this is pillow #1. I went with simple patchwork and I really like the way it turned out. It seems simple patchwork can be sort of deceiving, looking all plain and humble, but in the end it never disappoints.

I especially love the secondary pattern quilting brings in.

I decided to go more complicated with the second pillow. This paper pieced Tallahassee block is probably my most favorite block at the moment. It's not a quick block and takes some precise sewing to get it to look just right, but I think all that extra work is so worth it.

I did my favorite zipper closure for both of these pillows and finished them off by attaching the binding the same way I would for a quilt.

Oh, by the way, a tutorial on how to install a zipper closure is coming up very soon.

How is your Christmas sewing going? Are you working on any presents?