puzzle quilt {part 1}

The other day I came across this quilt on Flickr. Oh, my!!! I totally fell in love with it and knew I had to start working on something similar right away. I didn't really need another quilt, so I wanted to make a wall hanging for our bedroom.

Not a big deal, right? I pulled out my Liberated Quiltmaking II book to see how these blocks were made and I got to work.

After a few hours of feverish digging through my stash, cutting, trimming, and pressing, I had these blocks. Lovely, but looking a lot like beach balls????? Not exactly what I was going for.

So, inspired by another gorgeous quilt, I had this crazy idea of finding my old blocks discarded from previous projects and using those, plus my new "beach ball patchwork", in an improv quilt.

What can I say? Another couple of nights of more feverish cutting, trimming, sewing, and staring at my design wall later, and this is the stage my Puzzle quilt is at now.

I have no idea where this thing is heading or how big it will turn out, I'm hoping at least a throw size, because I've spent way too many hours on it already not to use it. Off to get some more improv craziness done.

Hope your weekend is lovely, too. Svetlana