Monday, December 17, 2012

pillow cases for Sandy Hook elementary kids

Words can't even describe how sad and helpless I felt in the last few days as the details of the horrible shooting in Connecticut kept emerging. Being a mother of three school agers myself, I just could not imagine the horror and despair all those families are going through.

And then I got an email saying that Quilters Corner in Milford, CT is collecting pillow cases to give to the Sandy Hook elementary children when they return to school after winter break. I knew that was something I could do. I went through my stash looking for some pinks and blues and I got to work.

I made three pillow cases using Kerri's wonderful tutorial. They were quick, and fun to make. And, I was really happy I could, in this very small way, show my support and care to this hurting community.

 Here's the address where the pillow cases can be sent in case you'd like to make some, too:
Quilters Corner 
312 Danbury Rd. 
New Milford, CT. 06776


  1. That is absolutely wonderful Svetlana. I too am sitting here just aching for those beautiful children and their teachers....and for the children who are survivors. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us!

    1. I meant to say for the children who are survivors and for the parents who lost their children....I can't even imagine their anguish.

  2. This is a good cause, I would like to make some for them too. Thank you for sharing the project.

  3. Such a wonderful plan, and lovely contributions

  4. These are beautiful, Svetlana. Such a wonderful thing to do...

  5. Lovely. Thanks for sharing, Svetlana.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics address, and tute link. Will be adding to the pot.

  7. Wonderful. I got that email, too, and definitely want to contribute!

  8. Our thoughts are with those families and everyone affected by this horrific event. Terribly sad and there are no words to empathise enough. x


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