Wednesday, November 7, 2012

wip wednesday {11.07.2012}

I'm truly honored and excited to be guest - hosting WIP Wednesday over at Lee's today. Hope you'll stop by to say hello and look around to see all the wonderful talent and amazing wips already linked up. Or, even better, write up a post sharing what you're working on and link up, too.

I'm sharing some of my recent finishes

as well as a few of my wips that made their way to the top of my to do list this week.

See you there. Svetlana 


  1. Fun to read about what you are doing. The pouches are lovely--I'd love to see them all arrayed out in a fan, so we could admire all your color combinations (zippers included) and your fabulous creativity. So nice.

    I read a couple other of your posts. I laughed when I read about how you like to make a bag for every time your husband runs a marathon. I'm like that too--going somewhere? I think. I need a new bag. And so I have several hooks in my fabric closet where all my bags hang. Of course I use them for other things, but your idea to pull them all out and take a portrait shot is a great idea. We do our quilting and crafting, but forget to stand back and admire our work.

    Anyway--enjoyed reading your guest blog at WIP.
    Elizabeth E.

  2. Such cute little pouches! I love all the little animal prints you use :)

  3. i love those pouches, so so bright and beautiful!

  4. Awesome projects & great to see you hosting W.i.P. Wednesday!

  5. Oh wow the fabrics you have here are so bright and beautiful!


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