Monday, November 5, 2012

traveling handmade

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We surely had a great couple of days- my husband was running a marathon in Indianapolis so the kids and I loved the opportunity to join him and cheer him on. 

He had a big goal in mind - to run this marathon in under 3 hours!!!!  We were so proud of him, he worked really, really hard and was preparing for this marathon for months, which definitely paid off. His finish time was (drum roll, please) 2:57:32. Totally amazing! He's such an inspiration to all of us.

I, of course, needed a new bag for our trip. I don't know why, but I seem to make a new bag every time my husband runs a marathon, weird!

So, the night before we were leaving I managed to finish this qayg patchwork tote. This tote bag was inspired by Faith's wonderful bag which I admired at our last MQG meeting.

As usual, I installed a zipper pocket in the lining, but this time I decided to make it a more structured bag by top stitching along side seams. I love how this turned out and I'm pretty sure there are more similar tote bags in my future.

Speaking of making more bags, would you like to see what most of our luggage looked like?

Yep, we traveled almost totally handmade. Only my husband is still allowed to have his regular, store bought sports duffel bag. The only handmade thing that crept into his luggage is this pouch I made for him a while back.

How about you? Do you travel handmade? I'd love to know.


  1. Oooooh, CONGRATS to him and your family! My husband runs marathons and has that same goal eventually, but first he wants to qualify for Boston which I think needs to be in under 3:10 flat for his age division. I am just thrilled for you!

    I love your luggage, that is really amazing as well and SO beautiful too!!

    Maybe you can come to the marathon that happens here one year and we can sew and cheer together!! :)

  2. So cool! And I'm wondering were you and the kids all dressed the same in handmade clothes too - like the Vontrap family singers from Sound of Music!!! LOL! Jxo

  3. oh my gosh...a few things.

    1) i just did a zombie run, which was 4 miles. i did it in like 52 minutes. so...yeah...i won't be running a marathon any time soon.

    2) i love the QAYG tote, and i'm convinced i need to make several of these!

    3) i SUPER LOVE the picture of your luggage! that is beyond awesome!

    4) as far as traveling handmade - i've only made a weekender bag. i hope to one day get to where our family's luggage looks like your's. :)

  4. I love your bag!! And wow, your husband is FAST! Under 3 hours? That is crazy good.

  5. Holy cow -- wow on all counts! That is an impressive time and an impressive pile of gorgeous handmade bags.

  6. I am in awe of your handmade bag collection!!!:) I love how they all have a brights yet low volume feel to them. (does that even make sense?!) Did you use a pattern for the newest bag? I really love the shape & size.

  7. That is awesome about your husband and I love love love your luggage!

  8. Your collection of traveling bags is beautiful!

  9. Very cool! You have such a fun collection! I love travelling handmade. The other passengers always seem to take note and i catch a few extra glances.
    Would you mind sharing how you get your blog pictures to pop up and enlarge the way they do? very neat feature.

  10. I'm so in awe -- wish I was a runner, but we can safely say that my gifts don't lie in that direction...

    I love your bags, Svetlana -- what a great photo! I'm working on sewing more of my own bags, but when we do serious travel, we still need those suitcases. With three girls along, there's just too much to put in them to go any other way!

  11. That is amazing!!! What a huge accomplishment! I bet you are so proud!

    I love all of your bags! I am planning on making a duffle bag this month!

  12. Congrats to your husband! Love your new bag too - topstitching and QAYG seems to have given it a really good weight.

    I'm pitiful at travelling handmade! One of these days I'll get that Weekender Bag made :)

  13. Congrats to your hubbie! My fastest marathon time was 4 hours and it nearly killed me. Well done to him!
    Your bags are just gorgeous. Keep making them! I'll always give the "extras" a home. Ha!

  14. Love all your bags! S fun. And congrats to your husband - that is an amazing accomplishment.

  15. oh that's awesome he made it under his hoped-for time!! And what a fun bag!! I hadn't really traveled homemade until Sewing Summit but it sure was fun then!!

  16. Your husband did an amazing job! And I almost never travel handmade. But I'm very tempted to now!


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