Wednesday, November 14, 2012

honey cowl

I love swaps. I really do. So, when my bloggy friend Kristie suggested we do our own private swap, I was all for it. I was making a pillow for Kristie (you know how much I love making pillows, right?) and she agreed to knit a honey cowl for me. Kristie's knitting is amazing, she is such a pro and I knew my cowl would be beautiful. Want to see?

 I love this charcoal yarn with some grey here and there. Definitely something I would have chosen for myself if I were a knitter, which I am not!

Not only is it beautiful, it's also wonderfully warm and cozy. Just perfect for this crazy cold weather we've been having in the last couple of days. And, I already got quite a few compliments, from strangers by my kids' school, on how pretty it is.

As if this beautiful cowl  was not enough, Kristie sent me tons of other goodies, too. See that coveted mermaid fabric, yep all mine. 

Kristie also sent some Canadian chocolates which were in our tummies by the time I pulled my camera out (and yes, I did share). I just love her sense of humor.

Thanks, Kristie! This was such a fun swap.

Pictures of the pillow I made for Kristie coming up soon. 


  1. i love the honey cowl! and kristie did a great job! what a fun swap! hrmmm now i want to do a swap... ;) xo

  2. Does life get any better than this? I don't think so! Beautiful goodies!

  3. A lovely swap--I can't wait to see your part. My swap partner made me something spectacular--I hope to finish my part this weekend--she has been very patient!

  4. Great swap and great cowl. I wish I could knit well but I'm more into crochet. Enjoy!

  5. The cowl is so pretty and the goodies to go with are too. That mermaid fabric is still one of my all-time favorites.

  6. So glad you liked everything, and I just LOVE my pillows! Totally brighten up my room :). Thanks for the fantastic swap!

  7. Would Kristie share her pattern and yarn info? Would love to make one for a friend!

  8. What a fun swap! I really like the cowl and the color is perfect to wear with anything. I was never a scarf or accessories kind of girl until my cousin and her mom gave me a bunch of scarves around the holidays and now I'd wear one every waking hour to keep my neck toasty! This is perfect without hanging down into your soup:)

  9. What a gorgeous swap! enjoy the treats


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