craft fair sewing

I'm getting ready for my first ever craft fair and I'm quite excited and anxious at the same time. I have no idea what to expect and how to get ready. So, I've been sewing. A lot!!! I decided to concentrate on smaller items thinking that if I don't sell them at the fair they can make nice Christmas presents for my children's teachers.

I made a few pouchinis using some of my very favorite fabrics. This is my own pattern and once all the craze of the craft fair calms down I'll post a tutorial on how you can make one yourselves.

Then I made some simple pencil cases and promptly got sick of zippers. I mean, it would not be bad if I could get myself organized and work in sort of an assembly line way. That way I could have installed all zippers at the same time. Well, that's not me, so I ended up switching my sewing machine feet about a gazillion times, totally maddening.

I still have these two qayg panels wanting to become pencil cases but they will have to wait until next week.

I then came across this fantastic pattern by Michelle for a pleated pouch, so I got to work.

I love, love, love this pattern. It's easy, no zippers needed, and I really like its shape, too. These pouches are the small size (my favorite) from Michelle's pattern.

I also made these two big sized pouches from the same pattern, they actually feel more like clutches as they are pretty big. I'm not usually a huge fan of velcro but it really works here.

I wanted to take a break from the pouches and craft fair sewing the other night so I whipped up this qayg panel which will become my new tote bag, because one can never have too many scrappy tote bags, right?

For those living in the Naperville area, the craft fair will take place on 
Nov. 10th from 9:00 to 4:00
at Trinity Church of the Nazarene (1451 Raymond Drive, Naperville, IL 60563)

Hope to see you there. Svetlana