a few new projects

I know I'm not alone when I say that I love, love, love starting new projects. I always get so excited, pull out too much fabric, make a huge mess, and start cutting. There are just way too many ideas floating around in my head and thus, I tend to start more projects than I manage to finish. 

This week, however, I was good, so good. I finished some of my wips (more on those later this week) and, as a reward, I let myself start a few new projects. Want to see?

I had a grand plan of making a quilt featuring my favorite quote. I was using a fantastic book Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci to lead me through these free pieced letters. Notice how I speak in past tense? Well, the quilt is definitely not happening any time soon. I just did not enjoy the process, so for now I'll be happy with my "think" block which I'm going to turn into a pillow for my girls' room.

I've also started sewing and trimming these HSTs for a new Churn Dash quilt. I think it will make a lovely Christmas present for my FIL.

This pile of 2" Christmas fabric squares makes me so happy. I feel like singing Christmas carols just looking at these lovelies. 

And, staying on the topic of Christmas, my Vintage Holiday quilt is begging for some love and attention.

How are you doing with your wips? Any Christmas sewing yet?