texty hexies pillow

We've just wrapped up a round 2 of MQP Swap and it was fantastic! I prefer this kind of swap to the traditional one since we all make pillows we want, no partner in mind, the swap mama posts pictures of our pillows anonymously and then we vote for our favorites. I'm telling you, it's a lot of fun.

This is the pillow I made for the swap. I changed my mind about the design and fabric a few times, but I'm glad I went with this low volume vibe.

This was not a quick project, it took forever, but I really enjoyed the process. I even made myself a sort of kit for when we traveled. Also, my kids' countless swimming lessons provided a great opportunity for me to work on this guy.

I'm probably obsessed, but I really like looking at the back of paper pieced projects.

What I love even more, though, is seeing all these freshly pressed hexagon flowers. Aaaaah!

Thankfully I don't really get attached to projects I work on and I don't have a hard time letting them go. This texty hexies pillow is on its way to someone whose work I admire tremendously and I could not be happier about its destination.

Now I'm just getting all impatient, waiting to see what pillow is coming my way. Oh, I really don't like waiting.

Speaking of pillows, my other hexie pillow has made it to the top 10 in Festival of hexagons. Yay! The voting is still going on. I hope you'll stop by to check out all the great hexie projects and vote for your favorite.

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Svetlana

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