table runner

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

This was a strange week. I did not really feel like sewing at all, I actually did not use my machine even once this week. I'm thinking a pretty bad sore throat, non-stop heat and high humidity, plus getting three little people ready for school might have been the cause.

Well, I didn't not sew completely, though. I did a little bit of hand sewing which meant that I finally finished a new table runner for our dining table.

I usually attach binding to whatever project I'm working on by machine,  but this runner was special enough to do it by hand.

This table runner is 100% inspired by Leanne's gorgeous pillow. Leanne is my hero when it comes to using solids, she has such a keen eye for combining colors to achieve the most striking effect. 

I used all Konas in shades of green and yellow to make my simple improv pieced rectangles. The background color is Kona white.

I basted the top the same way I would have a quilt and I did some major straight line quilting. I definitely would not choose to do a straight line quilting spaced 1/8" apart on a quilt, but it worked really well on this runner. And, it felt so therapeutic to keep stitching line after line and seeing the fabric completely transform right in front of my eyes.

I then bound it using yet another Kona - this time my all time favorite Kona Ash with a little piece of Kona Lime for some added interest.

Finished size of the runner is 18" x 41".

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Svetlana