small projects sew along {what I learned about my sewing style}

I took part in small projects sew along organized by AmandaJean thinking it might be a great way to keep me on track and stick to my list of projects that really needed to be done.

Well, it's the end of the month and I'm not that impressed. There are only 3 projects I was able to check off my list.

And this is what my list looks like now.

* camera strap
* duffel bag
* apron
* pincushion + thread catcher
* sofa armrest pincushion
* guitar strap
* new pillow covers for our bedroom
* 2 bags for my daughters' ice skates
* scrappy pillow for a friend
* if I'm crazy enough, apple pincushions for my children's teachers

I know, pathetic, right? But, this whole sew along helped me realize that it's not that I was not sewing this month, the problem is my not sticking to the list. Want to see what I mean? This is the mosaic of small projects I finished this month that were NOT on the list.

Clearly, I sew things on a whim. And you know what, for now I'm going to be OK with that. Sewing is my hobby, after all, and I want it to be enjoyable all the time. So, I'm still keeping my list to help me remember what my priorities should be. But, if I feel like hand sewing stuffed animals for my children and not making an apron (which I really, really need and refuse to buy it) then be it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun, enjoyable activities.