Friday, May 4, 2012

small projects sew along


Have you heard? AmandaJean over at Crazy Mom Quilts is hosting a small projects sew along. The idea is that you make a list of small sewing projects you've wanted to make for a while and you work at your own pace. When you finish a project blog about it, post it in the sew along Flickr group, check it off your list, and feel very proud of yourself. Not bad, is it?

Here's my list:
* camera strap
* duffel bag
* apron
* pincushion + thread catcher
* sofa armrest pincushion
* guitar strap
* new pillow covers for our bedroom
* 2 bags for my daughters' ice skates
* scrappy pillow for a friend
* if I'm crazy enough, apple pincushions for my children's teachers

I pretty much have all the supplies (fabric, patterns, tutorials) ready, so I'm really hoping to accomplish at least some of them this months. Yeah, I'm not even kidding myself thinking that all of them will get done, but it's nice to have a list and a plan. What do you think? Are you in, too?


1 comment:

  1. Ooh great idea - just finished something that I could show!


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