wip Wednesday 04. 04. 2012

Hello, happy Wednesday!

As I started writing this post I realized that all I have is just one small lonely WIP to show you today. Lately, I seem to work on just one project at a time. Usually I tackle a few projects at once, so this reasonable pace does feel kind of strange. I'd better go and start on a couple of quilts to bring my old crazy normal back. But for now, here's the beginning of a new abstract landscape mini.

It's inspired by Amy Karol's quilt from the book Simple Contemporary Quilts. Just like Amy did on hers, I'm planning on FMQing it, as well as adding some hand stitching. I've never FMQed a quilt before, so this will definitely be an adventure. I figured I have to start somewhere if I want to learn how to do it, and a mini is so much less intimidating than a regular quilt. I'll let you know how it all went.

Hope you all have a fantastic and creative day, Svetlana.