my happy corner

This weekend's sewing can be totally summerised by this one picture.

It all started with me wanting to make a container for my stamps. I got an old empty coffee can, did some improv patchwork using some scraps, made a fabric label, and a new home for my stamps was finished.

I thought it looked way too cute to be just stuffed somewhere in my storage area (that's where I keep my fabric). That's when I looked at one very empty corner by the bookshelf that holds my quilty and crafty books and I had an idea. I was going to turn it into a happy corner full of handmades and color.

I pulled an old glass shelf out of garage (it works as our storage area, since the real storage room is full of fabric), it was just the right width for the stamp jar. Then I hung my abstract landscape mini over the shelf and installed some hooks for the needle book and a small Easter birdie. Tulips were brought in from the kitchen, pincushion fished out of some pile of scraps, but I still needed something to hold my smaller sewing tools that tend look very cluttered wherever they are. Embroidery hoop to the rescue!!!

I used this tutorial, it was so easy and quick to make, I might have to make a bigger one soon, too.

Then all that was needed was a stool, cushion, and the most favorite quilt I've ever made - Granny Square. And Lola, of course. She enjoys my happy corner most of all.

All in all, I did not get much sewing done, nothing on my to do list was even touched, but it was still worth it.

Hope you have a wonderful evening, Svetlana.

Linking up to Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story, and submitting my happy corner to Stumbles and Stitches' Feather your Nest.