More Stars in your eyes

Happy Monday,

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful weekend. We finally got some snow so the kids could play outside while I worked on my Stars in your eyes quilt top quite a bit (win-win situation). I managed to finish my 6 remaining stars. I love how pretty and scrappy they are. What do you think?

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I also decided on the layout for the quilt top. It took me a while since I was not sure how to place some of the darker stars - I was really close to getting rid of them and making new ones using lighter colored fabrics. Fortunately, before starting on new stars, I decided to move the blocks around one more time and see what I could come up with. I liked the new layout a lot better, so I scrapped the idea of redoing the stars and kept the original ones, yay!!!

Looking at it now it seems the stars were the easy part. Piecing this quilt top will be like putting a major puzzle together- all those inset diamonds will definitely make it very interesting?!?! I'll let you know how it went.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, Svetlana.

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