Saturday, January 28, 2012

foundation paper piecing

I finally did it!!! I gave paper piecing a try. So far I only finished two blocks and I really love how precise all the seams are, and no cut off corners, either. This was my first block (I used Tamiko's template)

I made a kidlet using this tutorial and turned my wonderfully pointy block into a handy pocket.

My second block is this one
I was thinking of turning it into a giant pincushion, or maybe another kidlet ?!?!

I found the process of making a paper pieced block a little cumbersome and I used a lot more fabric than I would have otherwise, but the final result definitely won me over. I'm hoping to spend more time on paper piecing this weekend. I'll let you know how it went.

Have a wonderful and creative weekend, everyone. Svetlana


  1. Isn't paper piecing great? Wait until you try a pointy star, paper piecing makes it perfect!

  2. Looking great! I absolutely LOVE paper piecing, far more than traditional piecing, especially because of the preciseness

  3. Good for you! Your blocks look great!

  4. oh that would be perfect as a pincushion! so cute!

  5. so cute! Paper piecing definitely makes things more accurate!

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