Thursday, January 26, 2012

a baby quilt I forgot to show

First, thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on my previous post. I always, always love reading them and they bring me so much encouragement and joy, THANK YOU!!!

Now on to the baby quilt that I finished a few weeks ago and completely forgot to show it to you. Here we go, ready?

Just four simple square in a square blocks, 2.5" sashing and 2.5" strips of pink and yellow strips of fabric for the top and bottom, and the quilt was done. This is my favorite block. Isn't this fabric by Michael Miller just perfect for anything baby girl?

I did a straight line quilting (I really have to try stipplling one of these days), and I absolutely love the little puffy squares this kind of quilting produces.

I used white and pink polka dot flannel for the backing. I know, I'm sooo predictable, this is the fourth baby quilt where I used flannel for the backing. And I turned to one of my all time favorite fabrics - Cherry Fizz  for the binding.

The quilt finished at about 36" x 42", I think that's just the right size for a play mat or a crib or stroller quilt. I hope the baby girl who's coming to this world in February will get a lot of use out of it.

Have a wonderful rest of the evening, Svetlana.


  1. Love this quilt. I always like to see new inspiration for baby quilts. I don't know why but i am loathe to redo a design for a baby quilt. Is it because it's a small investment in time and materials and a great way to try out new ideas? New parents are so sleep deprived there's no way they can see any flaws ;)). Love your work I am always checking back to see what you've been up too.

  2. Ooooo! I LOVE it! It's so stunning and simple and clean! The colors are so fresh and summery. Some little girl will be so nice and snuggly using it.

  3. I love that one block with the bigger strip. What a modern touch! I also like the fussy cuts in this one. I haven't seen that swan fabric before and might add that to my wish list next time I order fabric. I've seen black and white binding a lot on blogs lately. It really looks perfect on both quilts you made.

  4. Gorgeous! It is so bright and fresh and sweet!

  5. Such a sweet, calm little quilt - lovely!

  6. It's really lovely, great colours and love the centres of the blocks

  7. So sweet, and love the centres of the blocks with the wee kids, very cute!

  8. I just found your blog, lucky me!!!! I love it!
    And I think the yellow with the lavender is gorgeous :)

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