Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pouches, pouches everywhere

As you can probably guess this post is about pouches, and lots of them. Ok, so I kind of went on a pouch making spree and it felt like Santa's workshop has moved into my living room. Want to see?

There were so many tutorials, patterns, and different fabrics I used for my pouches that I'm having a really hard time coming up with words to go with all the pictures.  So, for now let me just show you my final products and I'll try to get back to them later and give more details.

I also found a wonderful tutorial showing how to make a boxed pouch. What I really liked about it is that it shows the way to have all the edges finished, no raw seams, no bias tape.

Sorry, it's not easy to photograph a boxy pouch. This picture really does not do it justice, it looks way better in real life.

Would you be surprised if I told you I'm burnt out? I was planning on making a lot more pouches and bags (I had this self-imposed idea to make handmade presents for all my children's teachers, friends, etc.). And suddenly I realized that instead of the usual enjoyment while sewing it turned into something I had to do. So, I decided to buy the rest of the presents, no more pouches for me right now, thank you! and only work on something I will enjoy. Probably a Christmas table runner for our dining table. I'll let you know soon.

How are you doing this Christmas season?



  1. I'm making pouches. HA! I'm not quite tired of them....
    I love that one with the red handles. Can you tell me which tute you used for that? It's like a cute little briefcase.

  2. oh my - I wish I had made all of these! They are lovely!! I especially like the one with red handles. Glad you are posting more about them

  3. Oh such cute pouches! I too especially love the one with the red handles... can't wait to read more on that one!

  4. These are so cute! Will you link up to my Handmade on Humpday link party over at ? Thank you!

  5. WOW. They are all gorgeous. Especially love the clutches. Is that a Keyka Lou pattern?

  6. i wish they were all in my pile to give away! very cute! glad you are going to make something for yourself now though!

  7. So far I'm not burnt out, but then I've not been making pouches lol I do have a production line in January planned though, so I'll get back to you... ;o) Your production line has churned out some cute things though, the recipients will love them :o)

  8. they are so so cute! all of them! you do such a beautiful job! but i sure can believe that you are burnt out. i think you have a great something else...for fun! you will be glad you did.

    i have that boxy pouch on my "want to make" list. which is quite long... :)

    thanks for linking up!

  9. Oh how precious!! :o)
    Especially the one with the handles.

  10. Beautiful work! That's a lot of pouches, and they're amazing!

  11. Another gal looking for the pattern or tutorial you used for the pouch with the red handles! Pretty please :)

  12. Hi, I'm your newest follower. I love your pouches. I've made some of the ones you've made and others are new to me. Love the one with the handles, I haven't seen that one. I just finished making a pouch today actually. It's the three zippered pouch. Looking forward to seeing more of you creations in the future.


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