Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas garland and pillow

I've wanted to make a garland (I used to call it a bunting but my daughter says it makes me look like I'm 100 years old and very old fashioned) for a very, very long time, long before Christmas rolled around. I browsed Flickr, read through many tutorials, and I've probably spent way too much time thinking and plotting such a  small project without accomplishing anything. Until this Sunday, that is. I sat down and made this garland.

I love using non-Christmasy fabric for Christmas decorations, so I used some of my very precious fabrics by Amy Butler and Heather Bailey.

Once the garland was finished and hung I was in no mood to put all that gorgeous fabric away.  I pulled some bigger scraps of Christmasy  fabric that went well with my garland fabric and Kona Ash (probably my most favorite solid color at the moment). And I cut, and sewed, and ironed, and quilted, and another pillow was finished.

Here's the detail of my quilting.

And here they are both together, my garland and quilted pillow, making our living room more festive.

How is your Christmas sewing going? I still have a few more small presents to make, mostly pouches. I'm hoping to finish them soon because my mind is already racing towards a new scrappy quilt. Let's just say for now that I flip through Scrap Republic's pages and drool over all the featured quilts on a regular basis.


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  1. Your garland and coordinating pillow are very festive-- you did a very nice job. I also have always loved that print of the apple tree you have hanging on your wall in the background there. I'm still creating holiday presents for teachers, etc. for myself, my sis and a friend (the latter are paying me for my creations!). It's fun 'cause they're smaller projects and I have mostly free reign to design the mug rugs and notepad covers I'm making. That Scrap Republic book looks good-- I'll look forward to seeing what you create. Have a good week!

  2. Huh, who knew it wasn't called bunting any more? Guess I'll dig my zimmer frame out now... Still it looks fab, and love that cushion too :o)

  3. I love both your garland bunting and this awesome pillow!!! The fabrics are perfect, Kona Ash is my current favorite solid too!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Really really cute!! I love love love that pillow!!! I still have a bit of sewing to do myself, sigh..working on pj pants tonight! Thanks for linking up and Merry Christmas!

  5. Beautiful! Merry Christmas! x Teje

  6. Your bunting looks so beautiful in your home. I also like the quilting design on your modern looking!!!

  7. I love your pillow, especially the quilting!

  8. Love your pillow, and the quilting is amazing.

    The garland is very cute too.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Love the bunting and the pillow looks gorgeous - love how you have done the quilting!!

  10. Love the bunting and pillow! Just gorgeous! I have so many Christmas fabrics lying around - I'm going to turn them into pillows! Lovely :)

  11. Svetlana, did you use a special ruler or technique for the tree pillow? I would like to make one!


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